Sod Pickup

Please give us a 48 hour notice before picking up sod or call for availability before coming to pick up (303 )841-7575.

Sod is available for pickup at our offices in Parker and Colorado Springs. Sod is available for both the wholesale and retail markets.

We sell as little as one roll up to whatever quantity you need. Sod comes in a 2’x5′ 10sf roll and one pallet consists of 600sf or 60 rolls. Each roll could weigh 35-40 lbs and a full pallet weighs over 1 ton (2000lbs). If picking up more than 40 rolls it is recommended you have a truck or trailer that can handle a ton of weight.

Use the table below for pickup truck weight capacities or Call our office for further questions. This table only gives a few truck types. Please look at your truck or trailer capacity prior to picking up sod.

Truck Type