Picking Up Sod

Please give us a 48 hour notice before picking up sod or call for availability before coming to pick up (303 )841-7575.

Most people underestimate the weight of sod. Each pallet holds 600 square feet and weighs over a ton. Each roll is approximately 40 lbs.

Please bring the proper vehicle when coming to pick up your sod, as we cannot be responsible for any damage to your vehicle.

Here are some guidelines on what certain types of vehicles can hold:

Car – maximum 100 square feet (depending on size of car and trunk)

Small (light) Pickup – maximum 250 square feet

Medium Size (1/2 ton) Pickup  – maximum 400 square feet

Full Size (3/4 ton) Pickup – maximum 600 square feet

1 Ton Heavy Duty Pickup / 1 Ton Flat Bed – 600+ square feet